Stock Market update -Dec 6th

The market was down this week, but recovered everything with a big rally on Friday. Seems like traders liked the Jobs report, and maybe the ECB action too. The Dollar dropped, along with Bonds (and Oil, on OPEC). Gold rallied, as did the Euro, catching traders off guard. This has been a very difficult and unpredictable market to trade.

Don't be surprised to see the market rally above 2100 on the S&p500 into the year end. The Small-caps probably have the most to gain if there is a rally. Gold & miners (GDX, GDXJ) seem to be in rally mode for now too.

New all time highs:  KR, LUV, MCD, TSN, ULTA, COST, CH, XRAY, ALK, ADSK, NTES, CLX, HRL...  
All time lows:  GPRO, FEYE, DYN, KMI, NRG, SDRL, 
Pops:          Drops:     

Next week:  Economic reports,
Earnings:    ADBE, TOL,          

This week's charts:


S&P 500 -heading back up to 2100?
CBOE VIX -falling
10yr Interest Rates -rising?
Labor Force Participation Rate (10 year chart)
Fear & Greed Index

Commodities/Futures (charts):
Natural Gas was down a bit, closing near 2.18 -near all time lows!
Crude Oil dropped, closing near 40.14 -heading below $40?
Gold was up, closing near 1085 -what happened to 1000! 
The 30 year Bond was down a bit, closing near 155.12 
The US Dollar dropped,  closing near 98.28

Stocks surge 2% to close higher for week after strong jobs, dovish Draghi (vid)
ECB disappoints markets with bare-minimum easing package
Google Adds 842 Megawatts of Green Energy to Power Data Centers
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to give away 99 percent of their Facebook stock, worth $45 billion

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