Stock Market update -Jan 3rd

We closed out 2015 pretty much flat on the S&P500! The Small-caps (IWM) had a loss of around -5%, while the Nasdaq 100 had a nice gain (mainly due to stocks like FB, AMZN, NFLX, and GOOGL). Gold had a loss of around -10%, while the Dollar showed some gains.

FB was up nicely for the year
AMZN was up nicely for the year
NFLX was up nicely for the year
GOOGL was up nicely for the year
ATVI was up nicely for the year
Dow stocks GE, MCD, NKE, V, also up nicely for the year

AXP, CAT, IBM, WMT were Dow losers for the year
AAPL, also a Dow stock, was up earlier in the year, but ended the year at a loss
TWTR had a big loss, as did CHK, FCX, FOSL, KORS, WFM, USO, UNG, and others

2016 could be the year we see GOOGL overtake AAPL with the largest market cap in the world!

New all time highs:   SIX, 
All time lows:  SDRL,
Pops:          Drops:     

Next week:  Economic reports

This week's charts:

... 2015 performance ...

S&P 500 -downtrending
Gold was down, closing near 1060
The 30 year Bond was down, closing near 153.44
The US Dollar was up,  closing near 98.76

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