Stock Market update -Feb 14th

Stocks dropped then regained some ground on Friday. Maybe we'll get some temporary relief from the selling next week. On Thursday the S&P 500 dropped for a third time to the Aug lows, followed by a big rally on Friday. This could produce a nice bounce once again from these lows, keeping in mind that we are still in an overall down-trend. 

Markets are closed on Monday. It's also Options expiration week for February.

Nikkei down 11% this week
SCTY plunged, BA also dropped
CSCO and GRPN rallied, as did Gold and Gold Miners
Biggest gain in Gold in several years

New all time highs:   HRL, K 
All time lows:  DYN, FEYE, NMBL, 
Pops:   GLD, GOLD     Drops:   

Next week:  Economic reports, More Earnings next week... Options Expiration on Friday
MON - 

This week's charts:

S&P 500 -bounce?
Gold rallied again, closing near 1238
The 30 year Bond was up yet again, closing near 166.5
The US Dollar dropped,  closing near 95.98

Week ahead could decide whether that was the bottom
Recession might be in the cards, if history's a guide: Analyst
This is the biggest thing scaring markets

$12.3 trillion of QE has added up to...this?
Negative creep: The negative-rates club is growing. But there is a limit to how low rates can go

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