Stock Market update -Oct 23rd

We saw slight gains in the market this week, and big rallies in NFLX and MSFT on earnings. Next week we get Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon -the three Amigos! The S&P 500 seems to be still range-bound, with a floor around 2120, and around 18000 on the DOW, and 120 on the IWM, The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) seems to be holding up a little better.

FB, GOOGL, and MSFT hit all time highs this week.
MSFT finally got over its 1999 high!

Bonds were up, Oil was up... while the Dollar rallied
MSFT, NFLX popped, also ALKS  ...INTC and SKX dropped

For Options traders: CBOE VIX Volatility Index Declines 17% This Week...

New all time highs:    DPZ, FB, MSFT. PYPL, RAI
All time lows:  
Mergers/Deals: ATT to buy Time Warner.  RAI 

Options watch:   Implied Volatility now rising...  Link to high IVR stocks   

Next week:  Economic reports,  
M  -V

This week's charts:

NYSE still struggling to get back up to the 2015 highs

IPO -giving it back!

SKX -giving it back

S&P 500 - still range bound
Gold was up, closing near 1266 -below 1300
The 30 year Bond was up, closing near 165
The US Dollar was up, closing near 98.64

S&P, Dow close around breakeven as dollar hits 7-month high; stocks post weekly gains
How Google embarrassed Apple
Here's Why Google's Pixel Could Sap Apple and Samsung's Supremacy
Huawei Aims To Ship 140 Million Smartphones In 2016
Microsoft transitions from the Windows company to a cloud company

Fed risks repeating Lehman blunder as US recession storm gathers
The IMF Is Worried About the World's $152 Trillion Debt Pile


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