Stock Market update -Mar 26th

We saw a bigger decline this week than we have had for some time now, which may be signaling that the market is out of steam for now. Financials are  lagging, while Utilities are up. Bonds & Gold rallied!

Pops:  MU
Drops:  GME, NKE, 

We are now over the  $20 Trillion debt level! See Debt Clock on the left... 

This week...

New all time highs:  AMT, CCL, HD, LRCX, MAR, PCG, RAI
All time lows:  FIT, FTR 

Options watch:   S&P 500 Implied Volatility rising... 
Link to high IVR stocks   
High Options volume:   SPY, IWM, QQQ, AAPL, FB, BAC, GLD, GDX, USO, VXX, XLF, FXI, EEM EWZ, XOP
CBOE VIX Volatility Index -still pretty low!

Next week:  Economic reports,  

This week's charts:

VIX still near the bottom, but rising... 

S&P 500 - small pullback so far...
Gold was up again, closing near 1248
The 30 year Bond was up again,  closing near 151.18
The US Dollar dropped, closing near 99.30

Stocks wobble, finish mixed as GOP pulls plug on health bill
There could be a $3 trillion shift in investing, and it poses a huge problem for mutual funds
Some of the biggest tech stocks in the world have been outpaced by… Domino’s Pizza
Apple has acquired Workflow, a powerful automation tool for iPad and iPhone
Google braces for questions as more big-name firms pull adverts

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