Stock Market Blog -Feb 12th

The market rallied again this week, but on Friday showed the first sign of some weakness (the VIX spiked this week too). Earnings season is now winding down, and the market could start to take a break from this huge rally. If it does, we'll see the Bonds rally once more.

New all time highs: AAPL, ALXN, BWLD, COH, DKS, PAA SBH, V
All time lows:  FAZ, QID, SDS, TZA -the usual suspects!
Pops & Drops: 

Weekly Unemployment claims

Next week: Economic reports  
BIDU, GM, NVDA, NTAP  report earnings next week.

Market Commentary

 The market is ready for a pullback, and with Options expiration this week, we could see that pullback happen soon. AAPL is about to take out the $500 price level too, but is a bit bit stretched at this point. We'll probably see the S&P 500 finally take out the May 2011 highs before a meaningful pullback occurs (the DOW and the NASDAQ have already taken it out). The Russell 2000 Small Cap is the weakest of the indexes.

This week's charts:
S&P 500 -ready to take out the 2011 high

Commodities/Futures (charts):
Oil prices were up a bit, closing near $98.67
Natural Gas was mostly unchanged, closing near $2.48
Gold dropped, closing near $1725
The 30 year Bond futures was mostly unchanged, closing near $142.78
The US Dollar was mostly unchanged, closing near 79.23

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