Stock Market Blog -Feb 26th

The rally continues -when will it stop, no one knows! Stocks and Bonds were both up this week -normally they move in opposite directions. Gold and Oil were up as well. Solar stocks pulled back.

New all time highs:  AAPL, ABV, ALXN, CAT, CCI, CMG, DKS, FAST, ISRG, JAZZ, KOG, IBM, LULU, MA, MNST, ORLY, PAA, PM, SWI, TDC, TJX,V, and more...
All time lows:  FAZ, QID, SDS, TZA -the usual suspects!


Weekly Unemployment claims -lower

Next week: Economic reports
Earnings reports next week: AZO, COST, PCLN

Market Commentary

The S&P 500 is still aiming to take out the May 2011 highs before we see any pullback (as I've mentioned a couple of times before). The Nasdaq 'Composite' just took out its 2007 high; the Nasdaq 100 took out that high way back in January 2011! The Euro rallied this week, helping to push up stocks. The US Dollar also looks like it may be headed lower, so this stock rally could go on for some time (see DOW chart below).

The DOW is still flirting with 13000 and the NASDAQ with 3000, looking to push higher. Rising Oil and Gas prices however could soon cap this rally, so it may be wise to take some profits here.

This week's charts:
S&P 500 -still trying to take out the 2011 high
MUNI Bond ETF dropped this week

DOW 14000 ??

Commodities/Futures (charts):
Oil prices rallied further, closing near $109.77 -we could see $115
Natural Gas dropped, closing near $2.55
Gold was higher, closing near $1776
30 year Bond futures rallied a bit, closing near $143
The US Dollar was down, closing near 78.40

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